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Strokes of Genius, The Best of Drawing

Strong Visual Narratives:

"These pieces were drawn in the studio from life. In my trompe l’oeil and still-life drawings, I choose subjects that hold an emotional quality or personal interest. I strive to create visual narratives that evoke strong feelings using antiques from around my hometown in Pennsylvania. After developing the setup, I lay out an angular contour drawing and mass in large shapes and patterns that I will refine later. I then work on small sections of my drawing. The rendering or “cleaning” process takes more time than any other aspect of the drawing. It’s difficult to say when artwork is finished; I feel that there is always something that could be improved upon." Jay Davenport


A glowing celebration of the art of drawing, Strokes of Genius features styles ranging from meticulous realism to imaginative flights of fancy, from lyrical sketches created in minutes to intricately layered renderings that took months to complete.

169 stand-out examples of the finest drawing being done today, selected from hundreds of submissions from around the world.
An impressive range of styles, materials and techniques covering a wide array of subjects, including still life, the figure, animals, landscapes, portraits and more. (

Bullseye by Jay Davenport

Bullseye by Jay Davenport

2004 Charcoal on Paper 18 x 22 Sold

Exerpt From: Rachel Rubin Wolf "Strokes of Genius"
Publication Date: June 1, 2007

Doc's Demise by Jay Davenport

Doc's Demise by

Jay Davenport

2004 Charcoal on Paper 18 x 20 Sold

Art Collector Magazine

Jay Davenport's Best Dogs in Town featured in Scottsdale Fine Art's Group Realism Show "Through the Painter's Eye."  Article "Beyond the Frame: Trompe l'Oeil Today" highlights Marksmanship by Jay.

Jay Davenport's Sweet Days Gone By featured in upcoming group show "From what I remember/from what I forget."

Art Collector Magazine
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